Thursday, July 30, 2009


Azura relog
Just finished the configs but I want is that a Azura relog, Ive tried automacros doCommand but i keeps relogging any idea guys how it should be done?
I dont want to keep buying blue pots specially if I dont have the zenies for it.
(latest updates 7/31/09)
Okey guys you can now download it by clicking the title. I just relog by itself automatically but it took a bit longer than I thought, approximately about 3.15 minutes. So there you have it have fun.
(latest updates 7/31/09)
Just made a automacro relog since I cant stand it having to wait for about 3.15 minutes of my precious time, it took me a while to solve the problem but came through. try to make a blog out of it hope to see you read it.
Please do try again later if links are unavailable.........


DeeKei said...

Sir, i need your help regarding my champ bot config... I'm having a hard time modifying may config...

so sir help nmn po gumawa ng champ na gumagamit ng Vigor absorbed pag less 20% n lng us SP till mag 100% ulit...

thx a lot sir here is my email add :

more power sir and god bless!!

Tito Pat said...

Hopefully by November 5 just browse my blog from time to time. I'll just post the downloadable links.

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