Sunday, December 27, 2009


December 25, 2009 Forest View at 2:15 pm on our way to our Villa along with friends, excited to see the place after twelve years. After settling in we made our sched for the next three days and two nights stay, but first I had to dip into the pool before helping out as we planed to stroll thank God for Macky for showing us how Subic has change for the better. If ever you came across with Pier-1 near the light house then your in a lot of fun for those who loves to have a little bit of R n' R. We had a hefty dinner as we celebrated our Christmas with Chinese Ham, Mixed Salad, Bicol Express, Adobo, Steamed fish. After half an hour we decided to go back to the pool for a little bit of night swimming then went back to the Villa to have some heavy drinking and Karaoke. The following day we head out to the nearest beach that Subic has to offer and the rest speaks for itself. I just wish I can fit all of my pix here for a better look at what I'm talking about for those who plans to go to Subic. So MERRY CHRISTMAS guys and God Bless!

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