Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hey guys! Catch me if you can....

January 7,2010 at 8:30am, left home early to catch the morning breeze the enjoy my vacation, although I just got my job I never let myself to pass an opportunity to go to PICO DE LORO BEACH AND COUNTRY CLUB. As soon as I got there I went down of the Van and showed everybody the breath taking view from the lobby unto the beach. I almost forgot that it was lunch so we headed to the Sun Coral Cafe to grab a bite. Seeing the Menu I pick my Favorite Chicken Al king and right beside me is my Friend WBO Champion Vestre who happen to relax and took the time off from training. As we finish our lunch I took time to savour all down and lit a smoke which I always do after each meal of the day. My complements to Chef Danny--I hope I got your name right. I couldn't help myself and went to the beach rather than the pool, the water is Crystal clear and there are a lot of fish near the shoreline, I never thought it would be this awesome, a money well spent. Well if ever you come to Nasugbu, Batangas look up guys and check out PICO DE LORO BEACH AND COUNTRY CLUB.

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