Monday, July 25, 2011

SONA 2011

Today is the SONA of the President where everybody expects a great deal in the outcome of his excellency's speech. All Presidents have speech writers but whether his speech will entice the PSE to boost up the stock market will depend on the President's speech. I hope most of his speech will focus on his economic and civic accomplishments and not on what he says on paper. What this country needs is that where the country is heading to? To what extent poverty has gone to? kong noon by ay mga bata ang mga nasa lansangan para mag hanap buhay sa mga magulang nilang tinatamad at ang naiisip ay Utang na loob o pambayad utang ang mga anak. Does the President knows that there is a great of Filipino Families that are eating left overs at the malls, dump sites that God knows what communicable deceases that they may get from eating from it. What is the present situation of the AFP? Naghihirap pa rin ba mga sundalo natin? Where are his promises made during his campaign? In Foreign Investments? In Foreign debt?

I know my country turn out for the worst not just from this Administration but from ALL ADMINISTRATION that pass through the MalacaƱang Palace. Yesterday Former President Ramos had made remarks on our present condition with a little hint of sarcasm, but guess what he too has his shortcomings. All President have FAILED the MASSES and therefore I'm giving you the grading mark of five (5). If anybody says different is because they are the one's who are MIDDLE CLASS and the UPPER CLASS.

I already did my part on one family that is greatly need of help. But whatever I do if there is no JOBS that will help the people who are not so fortunate in terms of Education then this country is heading for a CIVIL WAR like most country that have enslave the poor and raise up to fight for they are angered by the fact they are HUNGRY, WORTHLESS, HOPELESS AND VOICELESS. May tapang ba ang Presidente umakyat ng bundok and to call up the NEW PEOPLE'S ARMY to finally surrender like President MAGSAYSAY did?

Mr. President I'd really want you to see the People EATING left-over at the MALLS and DUMP SITE doon mo makikita na bumagsak kana. Please let us not point fingers lahat kayo mga naging President ng bayan ay ang NAGPABAGSAK sa taong bayan, YOU FAILED US!

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