Thursday, July 21, 2011

We Soldiers are Human Too

In the past few days Col. Mariano had made a statement that send shock waves on the NET, the power of the internet is the most common means of medium to vent once grievances. Although most alliances of P-Noy shaved it off as a mere VENTING, MISTAKENLY UPLOADED, UNCALLED FOR, UNCLEAR--we are not dumb to fall from that excuse. I agree that we are impatient, but when so many politicians since EDSA-1 have promised for a better life for Filipinos and until now nothing that significant that even I myself would say "Oo nga, Umu-unlad na nga tyo" then we are living in false pretenses. I guess when you become a hard-core supporter of any President your objectives starts to fall-out too, blinded by the mere fact that I have the Presidents' Trust, affections etc. etc., like so many Filipinos now a days feel--Hindi ba too pag may kakilala tayong tao SIKAT lalot nang kong kaibigan mo ito, MAY KAYABANGAN ANG PINOY KONG UMASTA and therefore you tend to defend that person no matter what. Knowing "KILALA AKO NIYAN AT DAPAT KA MATAKOT"--PAKILAM KO eh kong mali naman ginagawa dapat punahin kahit kaibigan mo pa ito--WELL THAT'S YOUR OPINION, everybody is entitle to it. DEAL WITH IT YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAY "TAMA NA, SOBRA NA, PALITAN NA!"

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