Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michelle Obama's Gold Sheath

The jewel-collared, pale yellow lace coat, sweater and sheath cleverly hidden layer of tulle, Pashmina and Swiss wool lace to help the first lady stave off the cold, this dress is design by no other than ISABEL TOLEDO a Cuban-American who became known when America's first Lady wore her dress on their first visit on the White House. If there is any other to say about the way she dressed before then you have to take it all back for that dress she wore today was overwhelmingly stunning, when she first came out I keep asking myself that she demands the utmost respect and admiration of beauty, indeed the ladies of American society has a lot of excitement to look forward, A new fresh blood had been introduce into the White House even itself the structure looks rosy, a fine day to wake up America, but more importantly a Fabulous day for the Obama Family.

What do we expect to see? As one American student convey to CNN that what he fought for to be accomplished by President Elect Obama was Immigration Laws re-examined and the Educational System. A best window of opportunity for the First Lady to look into but knowing that states affairs are limited to the First Lady I was just day dreaming for a moment. Remember America's First Lady is a Lawyer by profession but if her profession can do service the country then by all means let her help out on civic duties.

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