Thursday, September 3, 2009


Never did I was so disappointed with the Educational System that has passed a judgment to a Hero, Educator and a Mother for so many fuck'n years of dedication and love for teaching would be as simple as a licence be a cause for termination. In a time where much little or next to none that teachers are going abroad to look for greener pastures for their families thus a scarcity of teachers are at a raised in this country. Where as teachers are more rampant employee in Call Center Agencies rather than in schools. What ever happened to Nationalism that even our best Educators have left our shorelines and became a stranger?

Without any consideration that one has serve and beloved by Children would be as effective as the real thing itself, Did DepEd ever had a heart at all in sitting down and discussing it with the person they are about to destroy, where is justice in that? I think that situations like this one should have been handled with properly.

What if they (DepEd) sat down and say "Hey it seems to us we've misplaced your credentials" and took the initiative in a heart to heart conversation and not just terminating and so coldly gave that Hero a cold shoulder.

Don't they have the power to deputize anybody to this kind of situation that clearly has a love for teaching has gone any positive rewards. What does it teaches the young generation of today--TO BECOME HEARTLESS ZOMBIES?

Back in my College days I use to tell my younger and spunkier classmates that we should treat our schools as our second home and never let anybody be treated differently, sad to say things do happens in schools that are spontaneous which resulted in filing a complaint against abusive Educators. The situation was trample with and solve in a civil manner.

Going back to the topic, I think this is wrong and should be resolved immediately. What ever did happened to the famous phrase "Sama sama, buklod buklod, walang iwanan sa sariling bayan." Think about that and think about the lives you've ruined because of one obsolete memorandum that are no longer applicable in this time of age. Most of the times we try to mimic the customs of foreigners rather than telling it to ourselves that WE ARE PROUD TO BE FILIPINOS.

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