Friday, October 2, 2009


So nice to see that Rajo is getting skinny. If you ask me I think he's in love--KISSING burns a lot of fats rather than exercise. I don't believe that he took the rude remarks of a particular contestant so seriously Although it has a positive effect on him since he looks great on cam. One may also notice that his smiles are far more wider than before, suggesting that he's having a fabulous time in his personal love life. Did anybody noticed when his twinkling eyes was caught on tape? Deny, deny, deny, it shows even on cam. They say in order for an ARTISTE to create with passion one must truly be in ecstatic. Same thing I saw in the eyes of Aries Lagat, he too was in-loved and inspired. Speaking of inspired and in love Project Runway Philippines - Season Two is doing great, I loved it. I'll try to write more about it I was so busy this past few days because of the typhoon, trying to help out in anyway I can or little I can share. Anyway I hope Rajo keeps up the good work--it's so nice to see him when he's in love--he creates total symphony of what fashion can become into the next centennial. PPP

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