Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Money the root of all evil--sad to say is not true nowadays, as religious sects have taken blood money from mobsters or gambling lords that seems to have an endless flow of cash. In a country that the cash is mightier than the pen is absolutely correct. Most of my countrymen that are long gone away from home seems to be incorrect in a lot of things, people that are long have been gone for about 20 years and above. All have often say the ridiculous things i.e. If some relative says that this politician happens to be corrupt will immediately believe without any lifestyle check for that particular person or politician--poor old man. In a country that most people that I know has their education as their pride and joy and as professionals should never be suede by mere gossips and slander slogans--the reason paid to do just about anything and almost everything that is there just to destroy what is there to destroy. No matter how, when or why the method is, the point is you had your money start doing your job whether you might be bending down or standing up. In a country where the SOBRE is well known term, a term which is I myself have direct knowledge of it. Ah! the SOBRE what a pretty sight until today, where corruption has already extended to this kind of extremes, the higher the amount of cash inserted into the SOBRE the higher the chances are for you. The SOBRE a vocabulary word hardwired into media dialect. The power of the PISO that makes slanderous posters, effigies, streamers or even texts just because the freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution but did anybody think that it's also our right whether we believe it or not, We shouldn't take their word just because your in groups that conducted a mass rally accompanied by colorful streamer, banners complete with effigies and for more dramatic effect throw in a few NUNS. Just because someone gave them the power of PISO. Although it's not a secret that a some parents send remittances for these kids--students like yourselves to create havoc in Manila--the power of the DOLLAR, I'd buy that for a dollar! Ikaw if you've started having this much money in your house, would you do the same--CHANGE THE WORLD ACCORDING TO YOUR WILL. Elections is fast approaching and the power of PISO is at works again, so money is no longer the root of all evil but rather what makes the world goes round. Don't your wish you had a lot of money like this---PPP

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