Sunday, October 4, 2009


A few days ago my Aunt hired a babysitter for her Grandson, now we all know that it's hard to find good help these days that even without any background check nor an NBI clearance is no longer a requirement for her. So let be this a warning that NBI clearance is mandatory. Remember that last time I wrote about that she hired a family driver without knowing the real name of the person and turned out to be a thief and was able to run away Php50,000 in cold cash. Going back to the story it begun with simple good gesture to help out a relative in dire need of a babysitter, I guess it's true for any Interview, that it's better to screen every applicant with full credentials rather than making a grave mistake later on I guess my Aunt never learned her lessons and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.
Based on their collective recount they say that the babysitter was in full swing and played them out at the palm of her hands, She was able to pick the key target in making her follow her every whim. It even went as far as making her co-workers to serve her dinner at the table. The following day they started to fall one by one under her spell and started to obey her every word of mouth. Hindi ba magaling and DUGODUGO gang diyan, the funny part was they started to fight among themselves in making her pleased.
The following days were unexpected, she was finally kick out of the house and had to say that they will pay dearly, and things starts to happen. In Clinical Psychology, the people that are posses is an example of Temporary Insanity to justify their place in community that has held them unimportant. In other words KSP, instead of taking a schizo maid into the hospital of the clearly insane--dah! Most of us FILIPINOS will most likely call your local GHOST BUSTER or ALBULARIO to resolve the "Paranormal." A mass hypnosis was performed by a unprofessional unlicensed practitioner--the prognosis is that KULAM a.k.a WITCHCRAFT.
As long as the treatments are effective who's complaining about that. In a world that medical expenses are high cost of living one can't afford to be sick, as one commercial slogan portrays "BAWAL MAGKASAKIT." Sa halagan Php26.00/pill I wonder if it's effective to some.
Mandatory Steps and Requirements in hiring;
1. Barangay Clearance/NBI Clearance
2. Recommendations by past Employer
3. Interview/Psych Evaluation

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