Thursday, June 11, 2009


(Openkore 2.0.7 english version)

Do not forget to change the lock map name and coordinates as good as the save maps as to which maps you'd decided to play on. Tips on playing openkore 2.0.7 version, read the openkore manual, known everything what is there to learn, if you cant find the answers and ends up paying for it then your too lazy, create your own configs by testing it on one of the settings on the bot program screen where you can visibly see program/info/view/settings/help, assuming you have a redefined config i.e. attackSkillSlot block with no values yet then you can adjust it on the settings screen of your bot and try filling them out one at the time, eventually you'll hit the right value and it will start to work, remember to write them down on a piece of paper before transferring it on your config.txt, about those Unknown #xxxxx monsters start defining them on your table/monsters.txt i.e. Unknown #65334 and give it name--how? go back to your table/monsters.txt--notice anything? I know its a long list of redefining monsters text but hey who said it would be an easy one for you. Then go back to your control/mon_control.txt and start defining how you will attack the monster then again by setting values into it remember most bot programs that I encountered since 2003 are not set you will have to set the values for yourself. Now ain't that a lot of fun! RAGNAROK HAS FINALLY FOUND A WAY TO RENAME ALL MONSTERS BY ASSIGNING RANDOM NUMBERS like assigning range values to HP/SP but only this time naming it per range values, no wonder openkore bot can't recognize it, its an alphanumeric target.

If you want to go directly to the downloadable link just click the blog title or click the mirror links if main link is offline--

mirror link 1 - Download openkore 2.0.7 resolve

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Tito Pat said...

Hi there bot lovers I will try to fix it. Sorry I was so busy this past months. I will go online tomorrow

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