Thursday, June 4, 2009


Here is a perfect example how your party bot should behave in just one hour the bot has leveled, you can also find ways to make it a even party share but still all rules applies. In a few days I will be starting on the Hunter config watch for it from time to time on this blog articles. Just follow the simple hints I told you about and you will get that butt working like a hoar. I played with it change some of the skill.txt, priority.txt, skill ailments.txt, function.PL but nothing seemed right, so if it doesn't work then its the servers that are acting up strange. If it can work on Glast Helm party then (Priest bot, party members are online). Why is it doesn't work on Orc Dungeon (both are bots)? Remember there is a part of the program that automatically reports any bugs to openkore's system. So they too are having a hard time. Since the Heal, blessing, increase AGI wont work for now try putting a healing clip into you Wizard at least it solves that problem for a moment.
When you start botting around try not to KILLSTEAL from others. Have fun and dont let yourselves get hook. I have notice that even your config worked just fine it will eventually bug down although not by your own fault I feel that the systems do overload no matter how recent your hardware is it is in their nature to bug down from time to time, so give it a rest for a couple of hours or days to cool down your PC's. Dont abuse your hardware. PPP


wArDo2244 said...

where is the link of this bot do you a config wizard and priest lvl 80+++

rizen said...

penge po bot sa Mosco FB type.. thx

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