Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This bot works for me too in 2.0.7 resolve its not that efficient but it did came through, it has gotten me up to level 98 so if your still interested then by all means download it.

OPENKORE 2.0.7 (June 2, 2009)
Openkore 2.0.7 Unknown Monsters resolve click on this link

Finally solve the wizard config and the bugs of the openkore bot. As you can see it finally casted a successful Storm Gust and damaging the target. Please be patient while I'm editing some sensitive files for upload...Hey I don't want my personal ID to be visible, right?! Anyway the configurations will be complete and guess what ITS ALL FOR FREE. NO HUSTLES, NO SECRET DEALINGS, NO IDENTITY REQUIREMENTS.
So check again from time to time on this blog article and you might be the first one to download it. Anyway here is the config for your version 2.0.7, believe me guys I was shock to learn that it had a different approach to make sure I got it right I double checked and they are apparently right in the world wide web nothing is seems to be real in fact spacially information I was a bit insulted about how would I tell you guys how did the developers had us thinking for so long just to fucked us up. so here goes. I hope you'de enjoy playing but the last laugh was on our own expense.

If you want to dowload the wizard config just click the blog title or click the mirror links if the main link is offline

mirror link 1 (Last Update 7/27/07)
(Latest Updates 7/28/09)
Since the unknown monsters are resolve the this bot has become efficient.


Tito Pat said...

Kindly leave your questions, comments and suqestions. -Thanks

jobee said...

ayaw naman gumana ng config mo...puro takbo lng ginagawa ayaw mag SG xaka LOV

uzerfwendly said...

hello tito pat, meron ka po bang warp seller bot? ung katulad ng makikita sa payon warpers for GEO, mosco and Ice. I've been browsing a lot and found a lot of config that don't work, or maybe because hindi ko lang alam gamitin. I only have bot for a my Crusader w/c i always use. Can u please post the config at instructions kung paano gamitin un using Openkore. Thanks, i would appreciate if you could help me.

uzerfwendly said...

Hi, can u send mo config for warp seller bot. Been looking everywhere over the net to find one and all ive see are those configs that don't work or maybe i just don't know how to use it. I have Openkore on my pc and i used to to bot my crusader. I need a warp seller bot for my acolyte to earn zeny. Please send me a config and complete instructions on how to go over with it using OpenKore. I would appreciate your help very much. email: mgbaisa@rocketmail.com

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