Friday, June 19, 2009


Its so nice to see Openkore has finally decided to recruit somebody to fix our constant whinning and bickering with each other as to who has the least bugged kid online playing as if for keepers shake most of us stay out late, what Filipinos calls it >> ADEK! A word to some parents may consider a problem, I think that its better to see the kids go out and play their fab sports for some being hook to the game has psychological problems and bad traits i.e. kids are starting to steal from their moms, they tend to lose respect to elders,mood swings and SEX. Openkore is a huge help for now I am back at my feet and having quality time with my love ones. I hope talented programmers may step-in soon to fix the BUG. To all fresh graduate of COMSCI be the man at openkore's recruitment. Thanks and more power to Openkore!

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