Sunday, November 29, 2009


Shutting down schools is not the solution in related problem of bad performances for board passers of 2009. Did anybody realizes the expenses not to mention the emotional distress that every man, woman and child has to give up?

As I have said before "Wala sa Iskol yan, na sa Estudyante yan". I know becuase I saw it among fellow colleague, some has so much money in their pockets that some tend to indulge themselves in idle time rather in studying. Going to Cafe, Motels, Movie theaters. Why does anybody enforce the Law.

In my opinion as a public citizen May I suggest that since some schools has a low rate of board passer. Why don't you meet into an agreement that also concerns us and not all business talks. Please consider the public in a much wider scale in terms of expenses and emotional distress if ever these schools are closed, should it better for them to raise the CET for Nursing from 80% to lets say 90%, because quite frankly this is more feasible rather than a making a huge mistake in terms of Jobs and City Taxes that the city so desperately in dire need, only a small solution with a feasible sense for both parties. Remember there are hard headed Parents too the entice their child to take up Nursing even BOPOL ang anak nila just the promise of greener pastures. I hope PRC and the Philippine Board of Nursing would look kindly on parents with aspiring students.

Solution: Raise the CET average for Nursing from 80% to 90% period.

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