Thursday, November 5, 2009


All I can say is "Sawakas", remember the 1980's Japanese television series about the end of the world, we all watched it and it was entertaining but that's about it nothing more than that but amusement. Now Hollywood has made a movie about it and I don't think its an end for mankind but rather the end of the road for that movie. When the net was not yet popular in the Philippines its possible that most of us would probably go and watch the movie. Now a days Filipinos are no longer live in stone age as one politician said "bomb them all back to stone age" but all of us are high-tech savvy. We are now in an age that Filipinos would likely to watch some drama movie or something rather than fictional, FICTIONAL MOVIE--only for the rich--how many rich people here in the Philippines? So if you ask me this movie will be a flop a disaster in Hollywood's year ender. What about the thing about the predictions of psychics that foresee the doom of humanity and guess what it keeps adding more by the decade, how silly is that? Fanaticism...YES! Ridiculous...ABSOLUTELY NUMB NUTS! The funny part in some television series is that they talk about the predictions of the civilization of the Mayans, I mean a civilization where in my opinion is that are war monger, blood thirsty, drug crazed, little cannibals...Serialize...DIFINITELY...Capitalize...MOST SOUGHT AFTER BY THE RICH! What about the predictions for 1987--nothing happened, distorted the fact that it's a joke to let your world live in fear for one drug craze psychic. I found out that every time there has been a world wide recession these things starts to pop-up, now it's happening again and the worse part is leading a lot of televiewers into a fictional conditioning. Some uses these things to divert political turmoil and public humiliations when promises do not materialize. But a lot of people are influence by mere movie or television series that most of us just shut their minds and can't accept the truth, one is afraid to fail. Unless we start believing in facts rather than fictional like what happen to the Mayan Civilization we will be just like them--disappeared on the face of the Earth. So much technology in our hands and still we are all ignorant, don't know what to do, even it bite us in our ass.

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