Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My own personal SB-Type Hybrid (99/70). This one has lasted longer inside PVP rooms rather in the past stats that I have personally explore. Although a lot of players prefer Vit-type since it kills Paladins, Mastersmith, and Bio at the same time I can't complain have an opponent that has Godlike equipments which sad to say as you can see I don't have. Carrying 2 kinds of armors and Garments I can able to withstand the Azura of even the most powerful Champs there is on PVP rooms as to hunters I advise to keep hidden until the last moment of attack and bring a lot of slims help a lot too when battling Hunters. When an enemy is frozen I would like to use the Wind Katar as my favorite choice of weapon it always does the job done. There are times when I use the Grimtooth against Paladins or Mastersmiths they all fall victims unless they uses clairvoyance as ways to flush you out. In battling with Champs and Bio I never get used to in switching armors and garments, so my advice is don't lose your cool-- As for my personal stats here they are;
Str 93+32
Agi 80+32
Vit 60+3
Int 3+10
Dex 70+29
Luk 1+38
No matter what are your favorite here's mine for a Hybrid type SB sinX.
This one works for me because I already tried a lot of stat posted on the net and it doesn't work for me. A lot of them has gotten a lot worse rather then better.

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