Saturday, November 14, 2009


In the coming months ahead the political alliances will become more aggressive than the past elections but one thing is feared most are political assassinations of primary candidates for the Presidency, although it has happened before that elections have been hampered because of complete havoc on the street I will never get use to where people try to kill one another just for Pete's sake. They say the best way to silence anybody is to blow them up until kingdom comes as one American politician have said "bomb them back to the stone age". In the past year of election everything has been tolerable but this time it might be the battle of the GUNS and the GOONS in which case more favored for the print more happy sales for the newspapers. Another problem is that when the NPA's or Abusayufs starts a nationwide campaign to bomb political meeting de advance, in the past these so called champion of the people have been silence for the past year and probably because of lacking of fund to lunch such a daring campaign to finish off with a big bang. If this is the case then sleepy head for the PNP and the Military for the coming elections. The steam of anger has been building up and a lot of them are without physical evidence, where in this country, you can bicker all year round without any disregard for the Truth and Justice just because it's your right to voice out your political view but little did anybody knew that there is a LAW that any government official without any past civil case is charge and then acquitted the complainant will be automatically be IMPRISONED. No wonder a lot of politician kept on bickering like a Sissy. What I have waited are overstated statements, sugar coated political accusations, tear cracking jokes, Political Crimes, Injustices, Executions, Kidnappings, BOMBINGS and the most dangerous of them all VOTE BUYING! But before I leave this food for thought, I hope that politician will stop doing anything that is good and decent--it's boring to read your accomplishments during the past year, we want something more juicy--para naman bumenta ulit mga diyaryo sa banketa. Don't forget to vote for my survey about the most likely to succeed the big chair. HISTORY ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF in any case ever-dah! PPP

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