Thursday, November 26, 2009


Last night's episode was NAKAKATAKOT. I just love you ETC your the best thing that ever happened on late night T.V. broadcasting. But I wonder when will Henry Sy will take part in making Philippine Fashion, as to give away as one of your Major supporter. I've always dream that one of these days our most admired Innovator and Entrepreneur Henry Sy will give away as PICO DE LORO as one on the Major Prizes in Project Runway season 3, we all know that Mr. Sy has the biggest share in Philippine market and as a regular shopper in SM Malls. I mean we would be very much be happy and pleased if he would finally be a part of such an event that I think Filipinos would much appreciate his support in Philippine Fashion.

Natatakot ako for Russel, it's so nice that they are helping out Russel but this is a competition and in this type of competition you need to know who will have the instinct to show what he's worth and not for the work done for you--dah! Pag ganito ng ganito ang tema ang tawag dito ay ISKOL BUKOL. Project Runway Philippines is no longer a breeding ground for a child who so pause to be have the faculties of an adult--helping out is fine by me, but not in a competition there are no room for ASA here, even a simple as a small stitch, a WINNER such as this should be solely oneself hard work and style. If someone tries to help out then it's going to be different in some aspect. For instance the work of famous Artist when assisted by amateurs are totally different and it shows from his work i.e. LEONARDO DA VINCI.
For Manny was totally ruined I was disappointed. What can I say, I cried not for him but for the Fabric. Can anyone be as senile as he is, what ever happened to the one I so admire because of same taste levels with my Tailor. FUCK SHIT GET A YAYA KASI! Look at famous Fashion Icon they sent away their child in some Military school or something. It's a good thing that Joji was there to give his opinion--your a life saver Joji. At least I can say no fuck'in TIE. Yephey! hooray!

And finally but not the least--Santi I would have expected more from you. I was not at all blown away but If I was to pick on esthetics, it should have been Russel but his so far off as to whether you might be afraid to wear his clothes because quite frankly it's coming apart. Baka ba mamaya pag suot mo damit ni Russel yong likod ng dress nahulog na! Well backless is great in evening gown but not up to your ass so that the whole world to see. Eh since the theme for his collections are great and noble in some sense, it's not well polished.
Although I get the point of Santi that streamlining is very important so much should be the choices of colors for the seasons. Don't say that Fashion week is all about your choices of colors but rather the flow of the season and most important is the right CUT. You may not notice that the CUT is very important in such cases in showing off your collections, it's a MUST, and it's the way fashion artist should never forget. Does anybody notice the season's collection goes always how they should be CUT, it's never really with the choices of colors because it's subjective, you tell me where do you see anybody wearing casual in pants, nowadays everybody goes with a trendy CUT of PORUNTONG with reincorporated style as can be. Noong panahon ni Majomang pants where hip during summer days but everything turned out differently.

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